Hyperpigmentation Treatment in Phoenix, AZ

What Is Hyperpigmentation Treatment?

Many people develop hyperpigmentation which refers to dark colored patches that develop on the skin. These red and brown spots may arise on any location of the body including face, neck, décolletage, and arms. The Alma Harmony XL Pro has different modality to address these concerns and enhance your complexion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes hyperpigmentation?
Health and environmental factors may heighten a patient’s chance of darker pigmentation, such as some medications, injury or trauma to the skin, and UV exposure.

How long do hyperpigmentation treatments take?
Harmony XL Pro laser hyperpigmentation treatments at PBD Aesthetics will differ based on the extent of the case. Each visit takes less than an hour, and many women and men typically diminish their hyperpigmented areas within about four sessions scheduled one month apart. Once you’ve had your consultation, our staff members will review specific details about your cosmetic treatment plan.

What is the cost of laser hyperpigmentation treatment?
The total cost of laser treatment for hyperpigmentation will depend on your specific concerns and the number of sessions needed to achieve your desired results. We will help you decide how many sessions will likely be required and discuss the easy payment choices that we accept.

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A before and after photo of the results of hyperpigmentation treatments