Laser Hair Removal in Phoenix, AZ

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Our Harmony XL PRO laser technology is a safe and convenient option for long-term hair removal on the body and face. The procedure typically results in skin that looks clear and feels smooth. It also provides longer-lasting results compared to other options for hair removal, like shaving, waxing, and depilatory creams. Our team at PBD Aesthetics is expertly trained in modern, effective, and safe hair removal services for women and men in common areas like the arms, back, legs, face, chest, armpits, and bikini region.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does laser hair removal cost?
Hair removal treatments at PBD Aesthetics vary in cost based on the body area being addressed. The number of sessions recommended to achieve smooth results is also a factor. However, laser treatments are generally cheaper than other forms of hair removal based on cost, time, and energy savings. For example, consider the effort that goes into waxing, shaving, or other temporary hair removal methods. No matter the treatment, our team will offer multiple pricing options to consider.

Is laser hair removal permanent?
The benefits of laser treatment usually last for years. However, the process is considered “semi-permanent” because some hair may be unaffected. Regardless, patients find the majority of the hair is dormant after treatment, and if a few hairs are still growing, it is easier to manage. Additional laser treatments may be scheduled to address any stragglers or new growth.

Why do I need multiple laser hair removal sessions?
Hair grows in cycles. When some hair follicles are in a live growing phase, others are dormant. Because each hair follicle grows at different stages, multiple treatment sessions are typically needed to target each follicle while in a growing phase. Receiving your treatments over several weeks will result in more effective results and much smoother skin.

Does laser hair removal hurt?
Laser hair treatments may cause mild discomfort, but it’s not a painful procedure. Patients report feeling a slight sting as the Harmony XL PRO device targets and removes each hair follicle. Patients who are familiar with wax hair removal say laser treatments are more comfortable compared to a normal waxing session.

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A before and after photo showing the results of laser hair removal